Hydro Pneumatic Cylinders

Hydro pneumatic cylinders use compressed air as a working media and give a high hydraulic force. The compressed air is used for the forward movement and the retraction of the cylinder and For generating high pressure of oil.

These cylinders are compact, fast and energy efficient. The capital cost, running cost and maintenance cost of hydro pneumatic cylinders is incredibly low compared to an equivalent hydraulic system.

They are available in range from 1 ton capacity to 45 ton capacity. In many applications, hydro pneumatic systems prove cost effective over a full-fledged hydraulic system.

Hydro pneumatic cylinders are used where high force is required for short travel.

Following are the most common applications :

  • Riveting
  • Bush or bearing pressing.
  • Marking, punching, embossing, forming, notching
  • Trimming
  • Clamping
  • Assembly Operations

Hydro pneumatic cylinders are widely used for the above operations by SPM builders and press manufacturers.

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