Hydro Pneumatic Presses

Hydro pneumatic products are a hybrid system where low pressure pneumatic compressed air is used as a working media to generate high pressure of oil (hence high force) which is generally achieved by hydraulic systems.

Hydro pneumatic cylinders and presses fast, economical and energy saving. In many applications they are preferred / recommended where high hydraulic force is required for short travel, over a conventional hydraulic system.

Typical application for hydro pneumatic cylinders and presses are :

  • Riveting
  • Bush or Bearing pressing
  • Electrical & electronic component manufacturing
  • Trimming / cutting
  • Number punching
  • Embossing
  • Assembly work
  • Clamping

The hydro pneumatic cylinders are manufactured for capacity 1 ton to 45 ton. The system uses compressed air at 5 kg/cm2.

In India, Mercury Pneumatics Private Limited, a Mumbai based firm, is a pioneer in hydro pneumatic Products, whom we represent in western Maharashtra state.

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