Mac.N.Hom Marine Equipments

Water borne vessels, big or small, need navigation control to cruise through water and to move through a controlled path. As vessels move forward by pushing the water backward, the guidance of the vessel by turning it right or left can be controlled by directing the pushed water towards respective direction.

A plate of steel, connected to a rod, which is extended to a convenient height of the boat deck, is used to deflect water to both sides, according to the requirement of turning. This plate is called RUDDER PLATE and the shaft extending to the deck, connected to the rudder plate is called RUDDER- STOCK. The boat driver will use mechanical or Hydraulic systems to turn a rod connected to the rudder-stock to do the turning job. This rod, used to turn the rudder plate is called TILLER-ARM. Though control of Tiller-Arm is easy for small boats running slow in backwaters / lakes, it requires high effort and skill to hold tiller-arm in right position in sea, as well as during fast movement in backwaters.

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